Can the other driver sue me for bodily injury claim if I was found not guilty for the accident

Video Transcript

There are two separate and distinct areas of the law that, although they intersect, one does not necessarily control the other. There’s civil law and criminal law. What we do at Premier Law Group is civil law. That’s where we represent people against the person that caused their injuries, and we seek money damages. 

The other side of the law is criminal law, and that’s where if someone is charged with a crime. Now, your question says you were found not guilty. So that makes me think you were talking about a criminal charge or a traffic citation. 

injury claim judgmentIt’s important to remember that what happens in a criminal court or with a traffic citation is not binding on a civil court. So just because you were found not guilty for an accident or not guilty for a specific traffic infraction doesn’t mean that someone can’t bring a civil claim against you and prevail on that civil claim and you will ultimately be found to be responsible and have to pay their damages.

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