My daughter was recently involved in a serious car accident and an insurance adjuster came to the hospital to get a recorded statement, but I told him no because my daughter wasn’t awake. He said he would come back later. Should I let him get a statement after she wakes up?

No! Insurance adjusters should not ever show up at the hospital to get a recorded statement from a victim. If your daughter was critically injured she is most likely on medication that could make her foggy and not able to fully comprehend or remember what happened to her. If you do let them get a recorded statement your daughter may forget key facts and the insurance company will use those statements against her when you try to settle.

You should always at least consult with an experienced Washington personal injury attorney before you speak to the insurance company. The consultation is usually free and if you hire a Seattle personal injury lawyer they will help you prepare for your statement so that you don’t leave anything out or accidently misrepresent the facts.

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