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Why do I need an Attorney If I Have Been In an Accident?

how much will my case be worth

There are several reasons to hire an attorney when involved in an accident: 1. Pursuing recovery for injuries is a complicated legal process, which requires the expertise and experience of a highly trained injury attorney. Many rules and strategies take years for an attorney to learn and acquire. Therefore, always speak to an attorney before […]

What Do I Do if the Driver that Hit Me is Uninsured or Under-Insured?

how much will my case be worth

If you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver, contact an attorney immediately, because you may be able to open a lawsuit against the individual’s estate to cover the damages. When you go to your consultation make sure you bring a copy of your insurance coverage so we may see what your limits are […]

How Much is My Case Worth?

how much will my case be worth

Only an experienced attorney can put a dollar value on your case and that is only after you have been examined by specialized physicians and the full nature and extent of your injuries are precisely determined and the cost of your present and future medical treatments are known. Furthermore, there are other factors that determine […]

Can I Change My Lawyers if I am Not Happy With Them?

how much will my case be worth

Fortunately, you can change your lawyer anytime at absolutely no cost to you. All you have to do is call and let us know. We will immediately send a letter to your former attorney. As soon as they receive our letter, by law, they are immediately obligated to forward your file to our office. Also, […]

How Much Do I Have to Pay to Hire You as an Attorney?

how much will my case be worth

Nothing. You don’t have to pay anything upfront. You hire us on a contingency basis, which means we don’t charge you anything unless we win your case. We even pay for all of the expenses associated with your case out of our own pocket. Also, if for any reason we don’t recover any money (for […]

Should I Let the Insurance Company Take Down a Recorded Statement?

how much will my case be worth

No. Absolutely not, especially in the case of a catastrophic injury. It is vital that a law firm that understands how carefully a settlement needs to be structured protect your rights, because no insurance company is on your side – ever – even your own. They are only trying to find an excuse to get […]

What do I do with my medical bills while the case is in progress?

how much will my case be worth

While your case is being handled, make sure you continue seeking treatment for your injuries and follow your doctor’s instructions. Do not stop with your treatment without first consulting your attorney as this can hinder the progress of your case. Also make sure to mail copies of all insurance forms received and receipts for medications […]

What Happens if the Rider or Passenger Dies in the Auto Accident

how much will my case be worth

This becomes a case of wrongful death. In Washington, fatal accident cases survive the death of the victim. These cases can be very difficult, and it is best to seek the advice of an experienced wrongful death lawyer. Two of our attorneys, Jason Epstein and Patrick Kang, have authored a book on the topic; In […]