Brain and spinal cord injuries have wide ranging effects, and have the potential to be very serious.

Brain injuries are often caused when one’s head forcefully hits an object. When this happens, one or multiple areas of the brain can be affected. Concussions are common, and this type of injury can even put someone into a coma. Treatment is essential and can be very effective, but brain injuries have the potential to lead to death.

Spinal cord injuries are broken into two categories: complete and incomplete. When the injury is complete, that means that there is a total loss of feeling below the point of the injury – also known as paralysis. Incomplete spinal cord injuries are not as severe, but need immediate treatment and rehabilitation.

The medical costs for both of these injuries can be very high, and can have long term consequences. Because of this, it is very important for everyone that has suffered one of these injuries to speak with an experienced injury attorney immediately.

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