Fatal ATV Accident Kills Puyallup Teen | Seattle Wrongful Death Lawyer

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) dangerous tendencies have been known for years, but still continue to be a popular vehicle for both recreation and getting around rural areas. Though ATVs may be fun and serve a useful function on farms, I am all too familiar with fatal ATV accidents from my work as a personal injury attorney.

The dangers of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) has been known since the 1970’s when three-wheelers were banned due to their nature to easily flip.

A Puyallup teen was recently killed while using an All-Terrain Vehicle near Forest Grove Oregon. The 16-year-old, Louie Hertel, was visiting family in Oregon and helping with farm work when his ATV flipped trapping him underneath. Hertel was able to call 911 from a cell phone and told operators he was “injured all over.” But by the time help arrived, Hertel had passed away and was pronounced dead at the scene. After an investigation into the incident the Sheriff’s office determined that the ATV flipped when it hit large ruts hidden in the tall grass.

Sadly this is just one of hundreds of fatal ATV accidents that happen every year. Thousands of people visit emergency rooms with injuries related to ATV accidents which is why regulations have been placed on ATV use. It is illegal to operate an ATV after dark without the use of both a headlight and backlight, and these vehicles are not allowed on highways unless marked for their use. In spite of these regulations, accidents continue to plague the United States particularly in the summer months. In order to help you protect your teens and children from a fatal ATV accident I have written an article outlining different safety precautions and steps you can take to protect your children from such a grave outcome. The article: ATV Accident Prevention Tips can be viewed through the preceding link.