Fatal Bicycle Accident in Snohomish County | Seattle Accident Attorney

Saturday morning saw the death of a Snohomish County bicyclist after a collision with a pickup truck, according to KomoNews.com. The collision occurred near the intersection of Atlas Road and Barker Road. Emergency responders arrived at the scene around 10:25 AM. The 24-year-old bicycle rider collided with the pick-up, which was being driven by a 43 year old man. Medics attempted to revive the bicyclist, who was eventually declared dead at the scene. The investigation is still ongoing, as the cause of the accident is unknown. The preliminary investigations did not reveal alcohol to be a factor in the accident.

Often times these accidents can happen so quickly that it is difficult for either party to react in time to avoid tragedy. As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I know how fast circumstances on the road can change.  There are certain things that all drivers and riders can do, though, to reduce their risk of being in an accident.  It might seem obvious, but just slowing down and obeying the speed limit can be enough to give you the time to react to an unexpected situation. Also, giving your full attention to the road (and not to your cell phone) make you a much safer driver. You don’t want to be the victim or cause of an accident, and doing these simple things can make sure you never are.