Fatal Car Crash Breaks Car in Two| Kent Auto Accident Lawyer

Helping auto accident victims over the years and seeing their pain as they try to heal from their injuries, or worse, come to terms with the loss of a loved one, I know what tragedy one small mistake on the road can lead to. Being a Kirkland auto accident lawyer and wrongful death attorney, knowing how devastating these car crashes can be, I am horrified by the car crash that took a life in Rochester just last night.

Wednesday, November 10th just before midnight a car was broken into pieces after slamming into a utility pole. The car crash happened at the 8000 block of 183rd Avenue SW in Rochester, Washington when a woman lost control of her vehicle while traveling at speeds over 100 miles per hour. The speed on impact split the vehicle into two pieces and the woman was killed instantly.

The reason for the accident is under investigation, speed definitely played a role and a heavy fog may have contributed to this fatal auto accident.

64,000 people die in fatal auto accidents every year. The only thing more depressing than this high number is how easy it is to prevent these terrible car crashes from happening in the first place. The tips below are some basic road rules every driver should follow to protect themselves and others from becoming the victim in a fatal car crash.

1.       Obey traffic laws: stop signs, speed limits and right-of-way laws are not merely suggestions- they are rules put into place for driver safety and need to be followed by everyone.

2.       Be Alert: stay focused on the road. If you are watching your cell phone, tweeting, checking your e-mail, looking at the scenery or rubbernecking behind the wheel you are destined to get in an accident. It only takes a few seconds of inattention to end up in an accident.

3.       Don’t drive tired: if you are tired- do everyone a road a favor and pull over! Rest, drink the equivalent of two cups of coffee and then get back on the road when your eyes are open.

4.       Don’t drink and drive: drugs and alcohol lead to thousands of deaths every year and sadly, it is not only the drunk driver that is affected by these accidents.