Fatal Car Crash in Hood Canal | Lynnwood Serious Injury Lawyer

Failing to follow common traffic laws such as yielding the right of way and stopping at stop lights can have very serious consequences. As a Bellevue auto accident lawyer, I’ve seen many Seattle accident cases where one person’s negligent driving has led to serious personal injuries, and even fatalities. With more than 6 million auto accidents occurring every year nationwide, it is obvious there is an abundant need for safer drivers on the road and and increase in defensive driver techniques. With drivers behind the wheel who are unaware of their surroundings and don’t take note of common traffic signs, Washington roads can be very dangerous.

A fatal traffic accident occurred near Hood Canal Bridge on Friday, November 19th. It was nearly 5:00am when 31-year old Anthony John Meissner from Port Ludlow was traveling southbound on Teal Lake Road in a 2003 Ford Taurus. Also, traveling westbound in a 2006 Dodge van on SR 104 was 42-year old Daniel Paul Limestall from Tacoma. When Meissner reached the intersection that led to SR 104, he failed to stop at the stop sign and drove into Limestall’s lane. Both vehicles collided causing serious damage to the front end of the Dodge Van. Both drivers were wearing seatbelts, but only Limestall was uninjured in the accident. Meissner sustained life-threatening injuries and was transported to Harborview Medical Center. Hours later, he died in the hospital.

Unexpected events can occur on Washington roads which is why it is so important for everyone behind the wheel to drive defensively. Seat belt safety is a great preventative measure from injury, but it is not 100% effective. If you are considering legal counsel in the event of an accident, read my article Should You Hire an Attorney? This will give you valuable insight about what a lawyer can do for you.