When thinking about fatal auto accidents most people think of the young teens, mothers and fathers that die every year—but seem to forget about the unborn children that die in their mother’s wombs. As a Washington wrongful death attorney and Bellevue auto accident lawyer I have come to realize how underrepresented fetal deaths are in auto accidents. In fact, auto accidents are the number one cause of death to both expecting mothers and unborn children. Even when wearing a seatbelt there is a 26% chance of severe fetal injury in an auto accident at speeds of only 15 miles per hour.

Normal Pregnancy Anatomy

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A Dallas, Texas accident has resulted in the loss of an unborn child. At approximately 9:15 am Wednesday, January 26th a 24-year-old pregnant woman was rear-ended by a 69-year-old man. The woman was taken to Presbyterian Hospital and gave birth to a stillborn child. According to doctors the child died due to blunt force trauma from the accident.

Fetal injuries such as this are not uncommon, but they are grossly underreported in accident statistics and fetal fatalities do not count as a “fatal accident”. For the mothers who suffer the loss of their unborn child due to a negligent driver, however, these accidents can cause significant psychological trauma. AASP (Advocates for Auto Safety during Pregnancy) say there are certain steps an expecting mother can take to help protect her unborn child…

  • Reduce Travel- spend as little time in a car as possible
  • Decrease Crash and Injury Risk- avoid nighttime driving, impaired drivers etc. to increase your protection
  • Increase Protection- use seat belts and airbags correctly

For more detailed information on the types of fetal injuries that can occur in an auto accident visit our personal injury gallery on Pregnancy Injuries.

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