Fatal Redmond Motorcycle Accident | Seattle Accident Attorney

A motorcyclist was tragically killed in Redmond on Thursday morning. The rider was traveling west along Union Hill road, and lost control of his bike. This caused the rider to be thrown from his vehicle and onto the road. It was then that an oncoming SUV, heading west as well, struck him. The first responders arrive at around 9:15 AM on the report of an accident with a serious injury. There they found the motorcycle rider dead underneath the SUV. Troopers believe that speed may have been a factor in the accident and that there was no way that the driver of the SUV could have seen him to stop in time.

Even in the ideal conditions that we have been experiencing, it is still quite dangerous to ride a motorcycle, and as a motorcycle accident attorney, I have seen this all too often.  Even more so than when driving a standard vehicle, a motorcycle rider’s personal safety relies on attention and precision on the part of the use. The full story behind this accident is not known, but it can still compel riders to be especially careful while out on the road. It is also important for drivers to be alert when there are motorcycles on the road, as they are smaller and more difficult to see.  One of the most important ways that you keep yourself and others safe is to give your full attention to the road, including not using your phone while behind the wheel.