Federal Way Couple T-Boned In Auto Accident

It has been an honor for Premier Law Group to help Estrella and Fernando C. win nearly $100,000 for their auto accident case. Being in a car crash is a scary experience, and dealing with the complicated legal system that follows is a daunting task. As fellow locals of Federal Way, Estrella and Fernando knew to call our expert Federal Way personal injury lawyers. It was a challenging case, however our team was grateful we could win this battle against the insurance company and grant a full & fair settlement for Estrella and Fernando.

Federal Way Auto Accident

Federal Way Car Accident Lawyers helping couple who was t-bonedIt was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and Estrella and Fernando were heading home from church. It was shaping out to be a lovely day. In fact Estrella and Fernando had a fun day trip planned for the rest of their day. However, things don’t always go according to plan. Estrella was driving while Fernando was in the passenger seat. Although it was a lazy day traffic wise, while they were heading through a green light another driver didn’t stop at red and went through the intersection, t-boning their vehicle.

After the police arrived at the scene of the auto accident and wrote an accident report, everyone was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. Fortunately for Estrella and Fernando however, their injuries weren’t permanent. Still, they both experienced neck and back injuries which would later require almost a year of treatments. Although Estrella suffered a bad sprain in her ankle, which would required her to wear a cast for over a month.

Now, the challenge immediately following the accident was paying for their injuries. The issue was that neither Estrella or Fernando had health insurance, or Personal Injury Protection. “I didn’t know how we were going to pay for our treatments.” Said Estrella while talking with our attorneys. “It was so stressful not knowing what to do or how to get help. We’re so grateful the PLG team could walk us through the process and deal with the adjusters. They referred us to providers who they knew would allow us to get treated without up front payments as well. Thank you Premier Law Group!

How Their Auto Accident Impacted Their Life

Premier Law Groups expert personal injury attorneys' client who was injured after auto accident in Federal WayPrior to the car crash, Estrella and Fernando were very active in their community in Federal Way. Also being very physically active as well, they used to spend a lot of time in the gym and out dancing together, as well as going on hikes with their dog. After the auto accident, especially for Estrella, most of their active lifestyle was put on hold. Needing to get treatments for almost a year is a tough experience for anyone. Also having a hard time walking makes it even tougher. Estrella could barely make it up the stairs to their third floor apartment for several months while her ankle healed.

Having to deal with the injuries every day was hard enough.” said Fernando. “Having to watch how it was impacting Estrella was even harder. I don’t know how we could have managed dealing with the insurance adjusters and filing a claim at the same time.”

Luckily they didn’t have to. Our entire staff rallied around them and went to work on their behalf. After a serious auto accident, no one should be pressured by an insurance company to settle for less than what their claim is worth. Our expert auto accident lawyers didn’t back down and won Estrella and Fernando a just settlement following their car crash!

Our Attorneys Go The Extra Mile

Expert Personal Injury Lawyer Patrick Kang helping our client in BellevueAfter another accident they had in the past, Estrella and Fernando hired a different law firm to take their case. When they were settling everything, however, the other attorneys didn’t tell Estrella and Fernando where their money would be going for treatments. There was a huge gap in communication and follow through from the other firm, and this lead to the couple having serious debt after their case settled.

Not with Premier Law Group. We walked Estrella and Fernando through every step of the process. We kept them in the loop every step of the way as their case was progressing. Not only did we relieve their tensions around hiring an attorney, but we showed them that not all lawyers are the same. We fought on their behalf and went the extra mile where another firm might have settled for less. Due to the Coronavirus, they had a few gaps in their treatment because they were being cautious around being around other people. We proved to the jury however that nobody should be punished because they didn’t want to get COVID. The jury agreed, and settled on a just compensation for Estrella and Fernando’s damages.

Were You In A Federal Way Auto Accident?

Federal Way auto accident lawyersIf you were in an auto accident in Federal Way, don’t wait to get help! Having an experienced team of Federal Way car accident lawyers on your side to fight the insurance adjusters allows you to focus on getting better. We will take care of all the minutia and paperwork. Our attorneys will argue with insurance companies and interview witnesses. We will handle everything. We just want you to recover from your injuries! If you would like a FREE consultation, give us a call at 206-285-1743!