Federal Way Man Killed in Crash | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

A 24-year old man crashed his car into an attenuator near the West Seattle exit along I-5 causing one fatality and injuring five others. According to a Washington State Patrol media release, the driver was driving over the speed limit and there were drugs or alcohol involved in the crash. The crash killed 20-year old Asha Salim, of Federal Way. Salim died at the scene of the accident and was not wearing a seat belt.

These kinds of deaths are difficult to handle, as there were many ways that this accident could have been prevented. First, do not travel with more passengers than you have seatbelts. Salim may have lived had she been wearing a seatbelt. Second, do not drive while intoxicated. The direct cause of the accident was the driver’s failure to negotiate a curve. The Department of Motor Vehicles has done research on studies which show that alcohol and drugs decrease alertness, impair depth perception, slow reaction time and decrease muscle strength and hand steadiness. Drugs and alcohol can affect even the most skilled drivers from driving safely.

These may seem like obvious precautions to take before driving. However, many tend to neglect the fact that you’re not only putting yourself at risk but others on the road as well as your passengers. So wear a seatbelt (and urge your passengers to do the same), and take a cab or call a friend if you’ve been drinking or taking drugs.

Had these two precautions been taken the accident could have been mitigated or completely avoided. Follow these simple precautions and prevent a fun night from turning into a tragic one.