Being a Federal Way personal injury attorney and Tacoma car accident lawyer, I am always interested in new schemes to increase driver safety and decrease the number of auto accidents. From click it or ticket to drive hammered get nailed there are a variety of creative programs started with the goal to reduce traffic related fatalities.federal way personal injury law firm

The City of Federal Way has taken steps to decrease the number of vehicle-pedestrian accidents through a pilot program designed to decrease the number of pedestrians hit in intersection crosswalks. Federal way is installing signs near stop lights and intersections which say “Stop Here on Red” in hopes that it will remind drivers to stop at the light before making their right-hand turn. In addition to the signs reflective rumble markers will be placed at many intersections to make the stop line more noticeable for drivers.

Several locations throughout Federal Way already have the signs in place, but more signs are to come with the total cost of the project adding up to approximately $9,000.00. The signs are currently posted along Pacific Highway South at South 316th Street and South 324th Street. Plans are to place the signs at South 31th Street, South 320th Street, South 348th Street as well as Enchanted Parkway.

From 2002-2008 Federal Way had nearly 300 vehicle-pedestrian accidents, 6 of which were fatal pedestrian accidents. The city hopes this program will prove a simple way to reduce the number of vehicle-pedestrian accidents. After six months the city will evaluate the new signs and if they show positive results the program will be expanded to other intersections in the area.

While the local governments do everything they can to ensure the roads are safe an auto accident is always a possibility since, more often than not, the accident is caused by driver error and negligence and not by any defect in the road itself. If you have been the victim of a serious auto accident please do not hesitate to contact a lawyer. If you feel you have a Seattle personal injury case you may contact our Bellevue personal injury law firm and schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to review your case.

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