Federal Way Woman Accidentally Shot

It’s not every day that a Federal Way woman is accidentally shot, and cases like this don’t come around often. Although this was outside the typical auto accident claims we help people with every day, our expert personal injury lawyers knew the right course of action, and are honored to have worked with Federal Way resident Amanda S in receiving a $100,000 settlement for her injuries. Most people would have no idea how to make a claim for an accidental gun shot injury. Luckily Amanda’s mother had worked with us in the past, and knew to recommend Premier Law Group.

Federal Way Woman Accidentally Shot In Her Home

Doctors doing surgeryIt was an average work week day, with a not so average ending. Amanda was in her home in Federal Way where her and her boyfriend lived. Being that it was getting late, they went to bed to retire for the evening. Her boyfriend Russel wasn’t ready for bed yet however, and decided to clean his gun while Amanda was sleeping. While cleaning his gun, suddenly it discharged. Fortunately the bullet went clean through Amanda’s shoulder and missed her head.

Russel quickly realized what happened and was fast on his feet to get some quick clotting bandages to stop the bleeding. After a rush to the hospital and an emergency surgery, Amanda was now on the slow but sure path to recovery for her personal injury. Unfortunately there was a small fragment of the bullet that doctors were unable to remove. This has caused pain and discomfort and will be a permanent irritation for the rest of Amanda’s life. But now that she’s healing up, her biggest concerns are what to do next? How will I get paid for missed work? What about my pain and suffering? Now our team of experienced personal injury attorneys got to work.

All Lawyers Aren’t The Same

Personal Injury lawyersThere are dozens of different types of law, all of which have unique laws corresponding with each state. Having an attorney who knows those laws, and has the experience to guide you through the legal process, is essential. That’s why it is crucial to hire the right attorney for your personal injury case.

Without the decades of experience our expert auto accident and personal injury lawyers have, Amanda would’ve been in a pinch! We negotiated for months with her home owners insurance company who were denying her claim. Finally they knew we wouldn’t back down, and before we took them to litigation they offered a settlement for Amanda’s injuries. Good thing Amanda had the proper home owners insurance with med-pay. This allowed us to make a claim for her pain and suffering along with her lost wages.

If You’ve Been Injured In An Accident, Call Premier Law Group!

Personal Injury LawyersWe hope you haven’t been accidentally shot! But if you have, or were simply injured due to someone else’s negligence, our professional team of Federal Way personal injury attorneys can help! We have helped over a thousand people in receiving compensation for their injuries in the Federal Way area. We know the tricks insurance companies use to avoid paying people fairly. Don’t be a victim of the insurance adjusters, call Premier Law Group for a FREE consultation! Call 206-285-1743.



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