Firefighter Injured in Car Collision While Investigating Rollover Accident | Seattle Personal Injury Attorney

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I am grateful to all firefighters and other emergency personnel for their dedication and service to our safety. When disastrous accidents occur leaving first responders with severe injuries, it is devastating for the entire community. The Seattle Times reported about a firefighter who was hit by a vehicle after investigating a scene of a rollover accident on southbound I-5. The incident occurred early Sunday morning when South King County firefighters got a call of a rollover accident due to ice on the roads. The scene had been cleared of any injuries, and Wynn Loiland was marking the vehicle so that others would know it had been checked, when a vehicle traveling a little too fast for the conditions, lost control and struck Loiland. This second accident occurred in the same spot as the first rollover accident and left Loiland suffering from serious head and facial injuries as well as a collapsed lung and broken arm. Loiland and his family are in the thoughts of us all as he recovers in the hospital.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2010, there were around 32,600 firefighters injured while on the job including both fire and non-fire incidences. The courage and determination of firefighters and other public service providers is truly inspirational. This accident just proves that winter weather conditions can cause destructive collisions and driving with care should always be implemented.

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