Firefighter Killed in Tragic Crash | Seattle Car Accident Attorney

As a Seattle car accident lawyer, I am an advocate against aggressive driving behaviors due to the higher risk of severe accidents. Speeding, failing to obey traffic signals, and drinking while intoxicated could all be considered aggressive driving habits that all have high potential for disaster. According to KOMO News, a devastating accident left an off-duty firefighter dead on Camano Island. The crash occurred late Wednesday night and is still under investigation by the police. Police have reported that the firefighter had failed to stop and barreled through a guard rail before slamming into a tree. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. There was a passenger in the vehicle that was reported to have been uninjured in the collision. Police are looking into whether speed and alcohol played a role in the tragic accident.

Aggressive driving is driving behaviors that endanger the lives of other motorists and pedestrians on the road. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after you have had a few drinks is extremely dangerous and risky. Judgment, reaction times and motor skills are all impaired after drinking which makes operating a vehicle difficult. Make sure to be a responsible driver in order to hopefully minimize tragic auto accidents.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the friends and family of the fallen firefighter. If you or a family member have been severely injured in an auto accident, contact a dedicated car accident attorney today. Dangerous driving behaviors can cause serious traffic accidents and serious injuries. Deciding if and when to take legal action after a devastating car crash can be confusing. Call me at Premier Law Group and I can help make your decision less stressful by dedicating my time to your case in order to protect your legal and medical rights. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact me at (206)285-1743.