Four Facts to Help You Choose a Child Brain Injury Lawyer

A brain injury in a child can be a terrifying situation as a parent. Dealing with a child brain injury lawyer may be the last thing on your mind as you do everything you can to nurse your child back to health. Sadly, traumatic brain injury (TBI) in children is a common result of accidents involving motor vehicles. The uncertainty about how your child will recover can be stressful enough, but you must also think about all of the costs associated with medical care and other types of assistance to help your child recover. This is a burden that you must carry because of someone’s carelessness. To help you get the financial compensation you deserve, you must find and hire a qualified brain injury attorney.

Personal injury attorneys dealing with child brain injuries specialize in seeking financial compensation on behalf of their clients by pursuing legal action against the responsible party and their insurance company.

For more information regarding traumatic brain injuries in children and the professionals involved, you can read “Brain Injury in Children A Parent’s Legal Guide” by Jason Epstein. If you need help with a child brain injury case immediately, please contact us right away.

Facts about finding the right child brain injury lawyer for your case

To find the right lawyer, you must take the time to separate the fact from the fiction. Hiring just any attorney will not help you or your child in a situation dealing with a traumatic brain injury. Here are some facts to help find you a qualified attorney:

Fact: Lawyers can advertise themselves. There are virtually no restrictions for advertising an area of focus.
Fact: All lawyers are not the same. The expertise of lawyers varies as much as any other profession. A qualified lawyer will take pride in their skill and continue to study the profession to improve craft.
Fact: A lawyer who is talented in another area of law will not be beneficial for you to hire as a brain injury attorney. Personal injury law is a complex area that requires depth of knowledge and experience, which general practitioners do not have.
Fact: A lawyer who advertises about their experience may not be telling the truth. Lawyer advertisements can exaggerate their qualifications.

How to find the right lawyer for child brain injuries

There are simple steps to take to help you find the right attorney for you. These steps can help you to navigate through the process of finding a child brain injury lawyer.

Begin to gather names from potential attorneys. This step is to help you compile a list of possible attorneys who you think are qualified to handle your case.

Call the attorney’s office and ask for written information. After you have a list, call their office and ask for written consumer information. You will be entering into a very serious contract with whomever you chose; having as much information as possible as you search will only help you.

Narrow down your choices. From the written information, you should be able to choose a few lawyers (3 to 5) to ask additional questions to.

Ask questions. These questions should focus on their experience and their qualifications, as well as their lawyer ratings.

Rank your information. Putting your information in order of what you deem important will help you make an informed decision.

If you need more help finding a qualified child brain injury attorney or have any questions, please contact us.