Forks Women Killed in Hit-and-Run | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney


Aamanda Louise LaGambina was a student at Peninsula College and the mother of a young daughter. On March 11th, she was struck by a pickup truck and drug 80 feet down the Forks road after impact. The driver fled the scene, leaving her body behind. It is unknown whether LaGambina was alive or not at that point.

The man who was arrested for the felony hit-and-run after turning himself into police is 19-year-old Garrid James Larson. He was released from jail without bail on Wednesday. Judge S. Brooke Taylor said that the circumstances would be different if drugs or alcohol had been involved, but none were found in Larson’s system following the accident.

It is reported that LaGambina was walking toward town when Larson hit her. It was 8:45 PM, dark and raining. Larson was driving in the opposite direction. When he hit LaGambina, the front end of his truck was significantly damaged and LaGambina’s shoe was lodged into the frame. Larson continued to drive away because he was reportedly afraid to see what it was that he had hit.

Investigations are still being conducted, and despite his release, Larson has been instructed to not leave the Forks area. LaGambina’s autopsy is scheduled for later next week.