I Didn’t Get Paid: An Employee’s Guide to Washington Wage Claims

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wage_claimsNot being paid your full wages is frustrating.

You need accurate and relevant information to make good decisions and to pursue your legal rights. The information and legal process should be clear and straight forward. However, trying to read the Washington statutes called the Revised Code of Washington can be daunting and incomprehensible as it may appear to be written in a foreign language.

This feeling of confusion exists even when a person hires a lawyer, because a lot of times, people do not know how to hire the right lawyer for their case. As a result, they end up hiring an inexperienced lawyer who does not know or understand wage law and Washington wage claims.

The reason I wrote this book was to provide employees with an easy to read book about Washington wage law and our legal system so that you will have a general understanding of how the wage law works in Washington.

As you will see in this book, I also cover another important topic: hiring the right lawyer for your wage case. The wage laws and our legal system are complicated processes that requires hiring experienced wage lawyers to represent you. That doesn’t mean that you can’t hire an inexperienced lawyer, who has little or no experience handling wage cases. In fact, you can handle the case yourself if you really wanted to.

But why take the risk if you don’t have to? Your chances of prevailing improve drastically if you hire an experienced wage lawyer to handle your case.

I hope this book will give you a better understanding and knowledge about our wage laws and our legal system.

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