Settle Your Own Injury Case

Why would experienced personal injury attorneys write a consumer guide that actually recommends that you don’t hire an attorney? Furthermore, why would experienced personal injury attorneys write a consumer guide explaining how you can settle your own injury case?

Don’t believe everything you hear from lawyer advertising… You may be able to settle your own injury case under the right circumstances

settle your own injury caseThe answer is surprisingly simple. Each year, hundreds of accident victims contact our offices seeking assistance with their car accident claim. Despite what typical lawyer advertising would have you believe, a consumer who knows something about the legal process and who is willing to do the work, can handle many of these cases. It is true that you may be able to settle your own injury case. There are many cases and situations where hiring a lawyer does not add enough value to warrant paying a lawyer one-third or more of your recovery.

To hear that coming from a lawyer probably sounds like heresy. But the truth is, many of those lawyer ads try to scare you by saying, “Hire me now because I can get you the most money for your case and every day you wait, you are hurting yourself.” These are deceptive ads. Often, personal injury lawyers cannot add anything to your case that you cannot do on your own.

That being said, many personal injury lawyers will gladly take up to 40 percent of your settlement for their “help.” Sometimes, it’s even worse. We recently learned of firms that, in addition to charging a standard contingency fee, also charge huge file maintenance fees. In some cases, this can add thousands of dollars to your costs.

Don’t be fooled – get reliable information from trusted sources

Sometimes, you don’t need a lawyer to settle your own injury case. Our consumer guide will teach you how to:

  • Settle your own injury case
  • Determine if you need a lawyer
  • Obtain a police report and gather medical records
  • Create and present a professional demand package
  • Negotiate with the insurance adjuster
  • File your case in small claims court
  • And much more

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