Furry Passenger Safety for the Summer Months | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


After almost a month, Kia the puppy is free. The ending to her story could have been a very unfortunate one, but instead her tale is one of triumph and perseverance. The terrier/schnauzer mix spent nearly a month inside a car that had been impounded by the city of Kansas City. She had no water, but was somehow able to survive on trash that had been in the car with her. When the pup was discovered by an employee working in the city lot the vehicle had been taken to, she was reportedly malnourished and dehydrated. However, she is expected to recover and survive.

With our recent heat wave and with the summer months approaching, it is important that you are very careful when bringing your pet in the car with you. It is not illegal to leave your pet in a parked car in Washington State. However, it strongly advised that you do not leave pets in parked cars, no matter the amount of time. In warmer temperatures, your vehicle can become as hot as 120 degrees within minutes. Leaving your windows cracked can help some, but not enough. Animals who are left in parked cars can suffer from heatstroke and brain damage.

We’re so happy that Kia’s story could have a happy ending. She is expected to be placed in a loving home very soon. Please keep in mind that it is extremely dangerous to leave your pet alone in the car, regardless of the weather. Either take them with you or leave them at home!