Girl Scouts Are Teens Against Distracted Driving

Senior girl scout leader Mellissa S reached out to Teens Against Distracted Driving to help her girls. Mellissa and her troupe of 10th grade girls have all taken the pledge to not text and drive. The Girls are all working toward earning the Girl Scout Senior Safety Award Pin. The purpose of this award is to teach Seniors how to stay safe after the girl scouts. Whether that’s on their Girl Scout adventures, in their academics, or their daily lives!

Being these girls are at the age where some are now driving, some have permits, and some will be driving soon, learning about Distracted Driving is important. While looking for ways to get the message across about Distracted Driving, Mellissa came across our website “Knowing my girls,” says Mellissa, “I am sure they will all support the ‘Pledge 2 Not Text and Drive!’”

Girl ScoutsHelp Raise Awareness In Your Community Around Distracted Driving

Founder of Teens Against Distracted Driving (TADD), Jason Epstein has seen the devastating impact that can happen to families affected by distracted driving. Jason is an expert car accident attorney, and has been helping people in the Seattle, Bellevue, and Federal Way area for almost 20 years. For example, 11 teens die each day alone due to texting while driving. It’s Jason’s mission to help communities raise awareness to stop distracted driving in its tracks!

Jason says that “Safe driving is a team effort”. He encourages parents to get involved with their teens to start their own campaign against distracted driving. Teens Against Distracted Driving can help, but we need your boots on the ground to spread the word!


For more information about TADD or how to start your own campaign against distracted driving, please feel welcome to call 206-285-1743, or email