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Attorney-Client Privilege

Someone is much more likely to be truthful and forthcoming with their lawyer if they know that their conversations cannot be shared with anyone else. That’s why attorney client privilege was designed, to help encourage open and honest communication between clients and attorneys. This transparent communication between lawyers and their clients helps them strategize around bringing […]

Automobile Liability Insurance

Washington is a fault state, which means a driver who causes an accident is liable to pay for all of the damages or injuries caused.  To ensure that drivers have money to pay for these damages, every driver in Washington is required to have automobile liability insurance. It is very likely that if a driver does […]

Accident Investigator

An accident investigator is someone who investigates the scene of an accident to analyze who was at fault and are usually hired by insurance companies and personal injury lawyers after an accident occurs. Having an accident investigator on your side to support your personal injury claim can help win your case. The other party’s insurance […]

Accident Report

After an auto accident, Washington state law enforcement encourages all drivers to call 911 and report the accident.  A police officer will arrive on site to investigate what happened. Then the officer will create a report on what happened.  Insurance companies will later use this report as part of someone’s’ personal injury case.  What kind […]