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Legal Definition Under Washington State Law “In Washington State, a collision is anytime a vehicle hits another object such as another vehicle, fence, or pole.” A collision, also known as a car crash, is the cause of virtually all auto accidents. Simply put, a collision is when your car, truck, or vehicle hits another object. […]

Comparative Negligence

Legal Definition Under Washington State Law Comparative negligence is a system that is used to determine the percentage of damages when more than one party is at fault. If the plaintiff as well as the defendant are both to blame for an accident, then each party will pay their percentage of fault for the other […]

Civil Rights

Civil Rights are the most basic rights that each person in the United States has. These rights include freedom from discrimination and persecution based on a wide variety of protected attributes (i.e. race, religion, sex, disability, and more). Everyone in the United States has fundamental civil rights. These rights should not be confused with civil liberties, which are […]


Claims are legal rights you assert against another person or party. A claim can be made for money, property, or for a certain type of action (like the return of personal property, etc.). Most claims are for money to compensate for financial losses that someone has incurred after an accident or similar incident. The term […]

Car Accident Lawyer

After being in an accident, it can be unnerving making your next steps. Should I call a lawyer? Is it worth hiring one? You’ll find yourself uncertain what a car accident lawyer does and whether they can help you.  Car accident lawyers are also called personal injury attorneys. When the victims of accidents or injuries […]

Car Accidents in At Fault States

Every state has its own state laws around auto accidents, which means the way they handle them is all different.  One of the biggest differences is probably between “at fault states” and “no fault states.” This difference will determine who is at fault, how liability is handled in an accident, and how the insurance policies […]

Car Accidents

In Washington, the most common situation where someone needs a personal injury attorney to protect their rights is when they have been the victim in a car accident. You have a right to receive full financial recovery for all the damages and costs you have received due to an accident, the law guarantees it. Some […]