Goat Jams Up the Garden State | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


Commuters in the Garden State faced some nasty traffic this morning because of… a goat? That’s right, a goat reportedly escaped onto the Pulaski Skyway, a road that thousands of drivers use every day to get to the Holland Tunnel in New Jersey. The goat was finally wrangled by five police officers, but it sure did not go down without a fight. According to reports, it was taking great pleasure in continuously jumping over the divider along the skyway.

Who would’ve guessed that such a small little animal could cause such a mess? Commuters faced backups and accidents that made traffic rougher than usual. Four vehicles were in a small accident, as they were trying to avoid hitting the animal. Luckily, nobody was hurt. It isn’t certain where the goat came from, but officials are guessing that it had come from a truck on its way to a slaughterhouse.

While the traffic was bad for New Jerseyans, we’re glad that no one was hurt. Every year, there are about a million and a half car accidents involving animals. These result in about 10,000 injuries and 150 deahs annually. If you find yourself face to face with an animal in the roadway, and do not have time to stop before hitting it, DO NOT SWERVE. There may be cars around you that you will not notice wrapped up in the moment. It is best to just hit the animal. If you do have time to brake and avoid contact with the animal, slow down, tap your brakes as a signal to drivers behind you and honk. If nobody is behind you, it is appropriate to brake hard.

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