Hand Fracture

There are many ways that people can be injured in a car accident, but most people do not realize how common it is for people to injure their hands in a collision. I have seen countless numbers of fractured hands, all of which require immediate medical attention. Due to the natural propensity to stick out one’s arm to as a brace during a collision, the hand is highly vulnerable to injury in an auto accident.

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Our hands have such a great range of motion because of the 27 small bones that make it up. Fracturing any of these bones can be very painful and act as a major hindrance in daily activities. The most common way to fracture the hand comes from direct contact with a strong force. This can happen either when something strikes the hand, or the hand strikes another object – both of which can happen in an auto accident. Due to its proximity to the dashboard for both the driver and passenger of a vehicle, the hand is susceptible to striking the hard surface upon impact. Other ways in which this can happen is if a person is ejected from their vehicle in an accident, or the hand makes contact with flying debris in the collision.

If you have been a victim of a Seattle car accident and feel pain or see swelling in your hand, then there is a chance that you may have fractured it in the crash. More telling signs are deformity in bone structure and difficulty moving your fingers. To determine the extent of the damage in a fractured hand, a medical physician may ask you to demonstrate the range of motion by attempting to do various movements. The doctors will likely use an x-ray to determine the exact location of the fracture. In minor cases, the bones can be pushed back into place and immobilized by a splint or cast while it heals. In more serious cases, however, surgery may be required to stabilize the bones and restore mobility over the long term.\