A pedestrian sustained serious injuries in a hit and run accident in Federal Way on Wednesday night. A witness saw the vehicle strike the woman and then flee the scene. When police responded to the scene, they found the 30-year-old woman lying in a ditch awake and reporting shoulder and arm pain. After she was transported to Saint Francis Hospital, it was discovered that she had a broken arm that needed surgery and other internal injuries. Officers also searched for the vehicle and found it in the Dollar Tree parking lot. The suspect stated that she did hit something, but wasn’t aware that it was a person. She is not in custody, but is being charged with felony vehicular assault.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I know how dangerous pedestrian accidents can be. As a pedestrian the likelihood of being seriously injured or killed is much higher than those who are in accidents while in vehicles. As drivers we have to be aware of pedestrians and hazards around us. This means more than just following traffic laws and signals, though that certainly helps. It is also about not allowing yourself to be distracted from the road ahead. You can’t rely on pedestrians to always cross at a crosswalk or be on the lookout for approaching cars (though as pedestrians we should all do this.) If someone decides to ignore the rules of the road, or if you simply aren’t paying attention, it could end in tragedy for you or someone else.

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