Ways a Medical Diagnosis Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

Seeking urgent medical attention after an accident is a necessary part of initiating a personal injury claim. Not only do you get the treatment you need, but you also link the accident you experienced to your sustained injuries. Making sure your medical professionals’ notes, diagnosis, and treatment plan accurately reflect your needs can also strengthen your case. 

If you have been injured in a Washington accident due to someone else’s negligence, speak to the experienced Washington personal injury lawyers at Premier Law Group for an assessment of your case. We will provide knowledgeable legal guidance regarding your next steps. Consider the following ways a medical diagnosis can help your injury claim. 

Getting an Accurate Medical Diagnosis Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim 

Pursuing the fair compensation you deserve after an accident requires gathering evidence to help support your claim. Obtaining the right treatment for your injuries and following the recommended treatment plan properly is also essential. Another important aspect of your injury claim is the accurate medical diagnosis of your injuries and conditions, which includes details of your injuries and other pertinent information used to determine compensation. 

After an accident, getting an immediate medical examination also links your injuries to the accident that specifically caused them. If you prolong getting medical care, you will have a hard time pursuing a personal injury claim. The insurance company can argue that your injuries could have occurred after the accident. A medical diagnosis can help strengthen your personal injury claim by: 

  • Having an official record of your injuries documented by a credible, expert witness 
  • Producing an ongoing paper trail of evidence that includes your injuries, ongoing diagnostics, the extent of damages, and prescribed treatment
  • Establishing indisputable evidence and documentation of your injuries for the insurance company 

Additionally, when you seek the professional help of a Washington personal injury lawyer, the best way to accurately determine your legal options is to know your medical diagnosis. The diagnosis legitimizes your injury claim and may help your Washington personal injury lawyer assess your case with utmost accuracy and determine its chances of success.  

Steps to Take to Obtain an Accurate Medical Diagnosis 

A proper medical diagnosis following an accident can help you begin your road to recovery and may also help your Washington personal injury lawyer fight for the compensation you deserve. Much of your compensation will be based on your doctor’s determination of when or if you can return to work, whether you sustained long-term or short-term disabilities, and other factors affected by your injuries. The following steps may help you obtain an accurate medical diagnosis: 

Describe the Details of Your Injuries Openly and Honestly 

When you seek medical attention in Washington, it is important to be as detailed, open, and honest with what you are experiencing in terms of your injuries. Providing ample details can assist your doctor in providing a more accurate diagnosis. Do not exaggerate details, but provide important insight on the accident and types of injuries you may be experiencing. After describing the accident in great detail, it is important to answer any questions accurately.

Ask Your Medical Provider Pertinent Questions 

You should also ask relevant questions of your medical provider. This may help your personal injury claim and allows you to understand your injuries more thoroughly. The following are pertinent questions you may ask your medical provider: 

  • What is your official diagnosis for my injury?
  • Will I make a full recovery?
  • How long could my recovery take?
  • Will I need to take any medications?
  • When can I go back to work?
  • How much will this treatment cost?
  • Will I need physical therapy or other treatments?

Even though your doctor will add details to your medical chart, it is beneficial to take your notes on the questions above and record information including your doctor’s name and the date you were seen. Working with an experienced Washington lawyer can help you build a solid case when conducting a thorough investigation into your claim and obtaining pertinent evidence, such as your medical provider’s diagnoses, to help bolster your case. 

Follow Through With Your Medical Provider’s Treatment Plan 

Following through with your medical provider’s treatment plan is beneficial to your recovery and even more so to your personal injury claim. If you do not follow through with your treatment plan or miss appointments, your insurance adjuster may likely assume that your injuries are not as severe as you claim. 

Speak With an Experienced Washington Personal Injury Lawyer at Premier Law Group 

If you have been injured in a Washington accident due to someone else’s negligence, receiving medical care after your accident is imperative to your recovery and personal injury claim. Consult a Washington personal injury lawyer at Premier Law Group for an assessment of your case. You may be able to recover past and future compensation for the losses associated with your accident and future medical expenses.

The legal team at Premier Law Group is proud to offer the highest-quality legal representation for our Washington clients who have been unjustly injured due to someone else’s negligent actions. We are compassionate advocates and fight to make sure your rights are protected and you get the compensation you deserve. For a complimentary, no-cost consultation, call (206) 880-7518 or fill out our contact form.

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