Seattle Drivers Among the Very Worst in the Nation

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Are Seattle drivers among the worst in the nation? A national best drivers report from Allstate may have us questioning our driving habits. Out of the 200 largest cities in the nation, Seattle is ranked No. 184 in accident frequency in the last year. Really? Only 6 cities have more accidents per capita than us.

Allstate’s data is based on claims made by each city. The data show that Seattle drivers on average are likely to have an accident every 6.9 years, or about 46 percent above the national average. Annie Gustafson, a spokesperson for Allstate, makes the claim that the data is a good representation since Allstate has one-tenth of the insurance market.

The study does not make any claims as to why Seattle has so many more accidents than other cities, but it’s reasonable to assume that bad weather and congested highways are factors. Add to that the caffeine fueled nature of our drivers, and you get a dangerous combination.

So, Seattle, since you are likely to get into an accident every 6.9 years, a good personal injury lawyer is probably someone you should get to know.

2015 Best Drivers Report