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Helping the victims of car accidents everyday, I get to deal daily with insurance companies trying to deny coverage and pay as little as possible to these victims. Though a client’s doctor may strongly recommend a particular therapy for recovery, insurance companies will try to keep their costs as a minimum even going as far as to deny the much needed medical attention in favor for a more cost effective method. They will use tricks such as using “expert opinions” to offer different solutions…these “experts”, however, are employees of the insurance company and will offer any alternative that saves the insurance company money. A Washington state family recently experienced the horrible greed of an insurance company when their young daughter was involved in a serious car accident.

18-year-old Zoey Abel suffered serious injury when she was involved in an early morning auto accident. Zoey was not wearing a seat-belt at the time of the accident and was thrown out of the Toyota-4-Runner in which she was passenger. She was found unconscious at the scene suffering from a bad head injury, a massive leg fracture and lung and kidney injury.

Zoey started to show great improvement after undergoing surgery and spending a few nights in ICU and her doctors claimed she was ready to start both physical and speech therapy in an in-patient rehab program. The program, however, was rejected by the family’s insurance company, Group Health, in favor of a less expensive nursing home program in which Zoey would not receive the proper attention she required.

After arguing with the giant insurance company the Abel’s contacted Jessie Jones, consumer investigator with King 5 news. Simply telling the insurance company that public figure, Jessie Jones, was getting involved in the battle made the insurance giant instantly revoke its prior position and allow for 21 days of in-patient rehab.

People often think insurance companies are their friend and it takes a severe auto accident to see how greedy the companies are. A family fighting these huge companies without the aid of an experienced car accident attorney or public figure such as Jessie Jones taking up the fight it is nearly impossible to make an insurance company pay for the coverage these victims need.

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