Rain, rain, go away… As Seattleites we often find ourselves singing the same old song. No matter the season, it seems that we have to deal with rain and the horrible driving conditions that come with it. I honestly hate driving in the rain. The roads are slippery, accidents are everywhere and visibility is bad. Something I rely on the most in the rain, besides my brakes, is my windshield wipers.

It is vital that you consistently check and change your windshield wipers in order for them to do the best job that they can. Having windshield wipers that are in good shape helps you to be cautious and observant of what is around you.

When should I change my windshield wipers?
• When you notice signs of wear, such a cracks or discoloration
• When you see rubber deterioration
• When you notice streaking
• Every 6,000 miles or ever 6 months, whichever comes first

Did you know that you should also make sure your windshield wipers are clean? They can easily become dirty from, well… dirt. And other things too, like bugs and other airborne contaminants. Make sure that you clean and maintain your wiper blades frequently so that they can do their job properly. Use nonabrasive solutions in most cases, or check manufacturer recommendations.

Nothing can make a day of driving in the rain “pleasant”, but having good windshield wipers can certainly make it easier.

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