Jason Epstein Named AMERICA’S TOP 100 HIGH STAKES LITIGATOR for Washington State

Premier Law Group is proud to announce that our very own Jason Epstein was selected as one of America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators for Washington 2017. Jason Epstein is a phenomenal attorney and joins the ranks of our states esteemed High Stakes Litigators. The selection process is exhaustive. First, all nominated candidates must meet determined criteria before consideration as a “High Stakes Litigator”, such as serving as lead counsel for either plaintiff or defendant in a legal matter worth at least $2,000,000 in damages, or the future of a business valued at $2,000,000. After the initial selection process, candidates are further examined and evaluated by a strict ranking system based on algorithms and Qualitative Comparative Analysis that disseminate data to narrow down the finest attorney’s in each region.

With exemplary high standards, less than one-half percent (.05%) of all attorneys in the United States will EVER be commended this recognition and award, which make America’s Top 100 Litigators one of the most competitive and premier achievements for trial lawyers across the United States. To be honored with this renowned and revered award is not only a proud mark for our remarkable attorney Jason Epstein, but it serves as a true reflection of Premier Law Groups team of lawyers whose dedication and commitment to excellence is second-to-none within the greater Bellevue-Seattle metro area. Congratulations again to Jason Epstein on a fantastic accomplishment and representing all of us here at Premier Law Group.

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