Man Takes Drunk Driving to a New Low | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


While drunk drivers aren’t necessarily known for their intelligence, we may have found a new low in the world of impaired driving in the form of 26-year-old Omar Medina. Not only is Medina a repeat drunk driving offender, he may be the new spokesperson of downright awful life choices. Medina was arrested after police were alerted of a suspected drunk driver in Kent. The person who called in to report Medina noted that he had been driving erratically and then urinated in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven. When Detective Matt Lorette arrived on scene, he saw that Medina was exiting the convenience store with a can of Miller Lite.

When questioned, Medina said that he had not been driving his vehicle. He attempted to walk away from law enforcement, but could not do so properly. When asked for his driver’s license, Medina handed Detective Lorette his purchased can of beer. Medina did not have a valid license, as it had been suspended. His crimes include multiple drunk driving arrests, as well as domestic violence and resisting arrest. Over the past seven years, the not-so-upstanding citizen has failed to appear at his court dates at least nine times.

Police are calling him a “grave danger to the community.” Medina told Lorette that he was an assassin for the United States Government and that he did not respect the detective’s authority or organization. Medina is being held in King County Jail on $250,000 bail.