Maple Valley Man Convicted of 8th DUI, Court for 9th DUI is Set

The theme for this week’s blog appears to be drunk driving repeat offenders. Being a Bothell injury lawyer and working on Seattle auto accident cases I have seen the destruction drunk drivers bring to innocent victims. The truly sad part is that most of these drivers have previous drunk driving convictions under their belt.  This week alone we have discussed a man with 17 arrests for drunk driving, another man who was arrested for the 85th time after a drunk driving accident, and now, a Maple Valley man was sentenced for his 8th DUI and awaits court for his 9th DUI.

Stephen A Jones of Maple Valley was out on $20,000 bail for a 2009 felony DUI last February when he was arrested for another possible case of driving under the influence. Since the February arrest Jones has been sentenced for his 2009 DUI to a little over 4 years in prison, but now will reappear in court on April 25th for charges of felony drunken driving and reckless driving in connection with the February drunk driving arrest.

According to police records, 46-year-old Stephen Jones was pulled over by the Washington State Patrol February 27th 2011 while driving on Highway 18 in Auburn, Washington. According to the trooper, Jones was pulled over because he was swerving, and when the trooper approached the car he was found talking on his cell phone and became irritated when asked to hang up the phone.  The trooper also found an empty beer can crushed behind the driver’s seat. At the time of the arrest Jones was prohibited from consuming alcohol as a condition of his bail for the 2009 felony DUI.

Records show that Jones has a long driving record including 8 drunk driving convictions which doesn’t include the impending DUI charge he faces from February of this year. Jones has also previously been convicted of negligent driving, driving with a suspended license and reckless driving.

With the incredible number of drunk drivers on the road with repeat convictions it is no wonder Washington State drunk driving laws are going through an overhaul. To learn more about the impending changes to our laws visit the following blog.

Felony Drunk Driving Bill