Motorcycle Accident on Highway 16 | Seattle Injury Attorney

A motorcycle accident leads to serious leg injuries for a 62-Year Old Port Orchard Man

As a King County auto accident lawyer, I know that when the sun comes out in the spring time here in Washington, motorcyclists gratefully get back on the road. It is important for motorcyclists to realize, however, that they are more vulnerable to serious injury because of their lack of protection, and need to be careful and aware of the road around them to prevent accidents and serious injury. 80% of accidents involving a motorcycle result in serious injuries for the driver or passenger of the motorcycle. In many cases, the motorcyclist is not to blame for the accident.

A crash on highway 16 on Wednesday afternoon left a 62 year-old man from Port Orchard with serious leg injuries at Harborview Medical Center. A 23 year-old man driving a 2001 BMW changed lanes and apparently did not see the 62 year-old on his motorcycle. The impact of the collision sent the driver of the motorcycle off of his vehicle causing serious injuries to his leg. Troopers said that the accident was a result of an improper lane change, and the younger driver will be cited. The 23 year-old driver was not injured and there was minor damage to both vehicles.

This accident illustrates how dangerous riding a motorcycle can be. In many cases, motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers of other vehicles who did not see the motorcyclist when changing lanes or making a turn.  Motorcyclists are at risk for serious injuries due to lack of protection and lack of awareness of other drivers, so it is very important to be aware of the road and drivers around you when driving a motorcycle.