Enjoying the freedom of a bike myself and serving as a Seattle motorcycle accident attorney for several years, I understand how essential motorcycle training schools are to a rider’s safety on the road. Motorcycle training schools help teach riders the essentials to having an enjoyable and safe ride. Adverse road conditions, inclement weather, and avoiding accidents with other drivers’ unpredictable and erratic behavior are all dealt with in detail in these courses and make motorcyclist much stronger and more confident riders. A simple mistake that could easily have been prevented through proper training can lead to a fatal motorcycle accident. In fact, 93% of motorcycle crashes involve an inexperienced rider.

Yesterday afternoon, September 9th, a 55-year-old Gig Harbor man was involved in a motorcycle accident as the result of being an inexperienced rider. Steven McCoy was headed northbound, 10 miles outside of Selah on Canyon road when his motorcycle drifted off the roadway around 1 p.m. After leaving the roadway his motorcycle rolled and came to a rest on the roads shoulder.

McCoy, was taken to Yakima Regional and Cardiac Center with a broken shoulder and later released. He was thankfully wearing a helmet at the time of the accident or could have sustained far greater injuries. Without poor weather or road conditions and no other vehicles involved in the incident inexperience has been determined to be the cause of the accident.

A proper motorcycle training class can easily prevent motorcycle accidents such as these from happening. But when an accident does happen a rider should be well aware of the proper way to deal with a motorcycle accident. Working as a motorcycle accident lawyer, I have noticed how little information is available to those victims of motorcycle accidents. Not only knowing what information to collect in a collision, but knowing how to deal with the insurance companies and determining whether or not you require a lawyer for your case. Because of this realization I wrote a book, “The Truth About Washington Motorcycle Accidents,” available FREE to Washington State residents.

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