Motorcyclist Dies After Collision with Deer | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney


Wild animals can be our enemies on the road, as we can be theirs. They tend to appear out of nowhere, and sometimes, even cautionary road signs cannot prepare us for when they turn up in our path.

Randall Upshaw was riding his motorcycle early yesterday morning when he hit a deer. The 63-year-old, of Lynnwood, was riding on Highway 19 in Wheeler County, Oregon, when the incident occurred. The accident is believed to have happened between 7 and 7:56 AM. Upshaw was discovered just before 8, when a motorist passing by spotted him lying on the road. The passerby called law enforcement, who pronounced Upshaw dead at the scene of the accident. The deer was also deceased.

There are steps you can take to protect yourself from such situations, before and while riding your motorcycle. The following is information from

• Practice braking as well as swerving techniques, particularly braking hard, releasing your brakes and then swerving.
• Have powerful driving lights installed on your bike.
• Wear proper gear.
• Never get on your motorcycle without a helmet.

• Ride according to speed limits.
• If you know there are animals in the area and an encounter is very possible, slow down.
• Cover your brakes.
• Use your high-beam headlight and additional driving light when the situation permits.