Motorcyclist without License Crashes and Goes Flying | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


Call it a miracle, but a man is still alive after crashing his motorcycle into a concrete barrier on I-5 and flying off of an overpass to the freeway, 30 feet below. The motorcyclist is a 25-year-old Washington man who was brought to Legacy Emanuel Hospital after the accident. He had been riding without a driver’s license and did not have a motorcycle endorsement on his person either.

The accident happened as he was riding down I-5 south near Vancouver, Washington. He had been attempting to catch SR-14 eastbound when he hit the barrier. Luckily, when he landed, he fell into the shoulder of the freeway below and not any of the lanes with moving traffic. The man suffered head and leg injuries.

It’s important that if you are going to take a motorcycle out, you are doing so legally. Failure to do so could result in you seriously injuring yourself or others out on the road with you. Additionally, do not ride outside your limits. This includes not riding above speeds that you can handle. Even if you are experienced, this can be dangerous, because you may be more tempted to overestimate your skill level and push your limits further than you can handle.

Overall, exercise caution! Remember you cannot control the vehicles around you. Always stay aware and responsible.

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