As a Seattle car accident lawyer, I know that adding antagonistic weather to a peaceful drive along a road as smooth as I-90 can make a significant impact on a driver’s safety. Even when Seattle is spared from torrential rain or the slush after a half-hearted snow day, intense sunshine can alter the oils in the surface of the road, providing its own set of complications.

June 17th, 2011, was a Sunday just like any other in Seattle. The sky was listlessly gray and overcast and rain showered from above. For Barbara A. Duncan, a Pasco native, such weather was not new, and so she figured she had nothing to worry about as she drove along Interstate 90, east of Moses Lake. This would be her folly, for she lost control of her 1994 Toyota Camry and hit a cable barrier leading to serious back injuries. Duncan was taken to Samaritan Hospital and her Camry was towed away, completely destroyed.

Moses Lake also saw another accident when a motorcycle collided with a 2007 Acura later that day. Donald J. Jansen of Kelowna, B.C. was riding his 2000 Harley Davidson south on Highway 17 when he ignored a stoplight in Pioneer Way. Jansen hit a car driven by Jamie Yanez, from Benton City, and while Yanez and his four passengers were mostly unharmed, Jansen was taken to Samaritan Hospital to join Duncan. Thus it was both poor driving and poor maintenance that was the culprit for that Sunday. For information on tire tread, please see the Department of Licensing’s Washington Driver Guide.

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