Nevada Looking to Pass “Texting and Walking” Bill | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer



Seattle has a problem. We like to text and walk. That’s right, we are guilty of texting and walking. Which means we’re not paying attention to the things around us, like crosswalks, traffic signals and other people. I know that I’ve bumped into someone while texting and walking before. That’s embarrassing, but walking out into the street when you’re not supposed to be crossing is downright dangerous.

Lawmakers in Nevada have noticed. Bill AB123 would make it illegal for pedestrians to “read, browse the Internet or enter data with hand-held devices while crossing roads in the state.” If someone is found to be doing so, they will be written up the first time. If they continue to do it and get caught though, the payout is $100 the second time, and $250 the third. There are, of course, exceptions to the bill, including if someone is reporting criminal activity.

Democratic Assemblyman Harvey Munford of Las Vegas says that the law would hopefully apply to all areas in Nevada, including residential neighborhoods and that it would increase public safety.

What do you think about this bill? Is it reasonable or over-the-top? Do you think that a tech-savvy city like Seattle would benefit from a similar one? Even without a bill or law punishing texting and walking, it’s important that you don’t do it when crossing the street.