New Blood Test Approved by F.D.A Can Detect Concussions

On Wednesday, The Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A) took a massive step towards safety as they approved a new blood test that can detect concussions in people and can quickly identify those with potential brain damage.  The new test, dubbed the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator, can identify intracranial lesions or damaged blood tissue more thoroughly than ever before, which is also expected to reduce the amount of people exposed to radiation through internal imaging scans such as tomography scans and CT scans. If the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator is widely implemented, the FDA concluded that it has the possibility of eliminating dangerous radioactive scans in nearly 1/3 of all people with suspected brain injuries or trauma. With the rise in awareness towards brain damage and concussions in recent years, this topic has been on the forefront of American public health issues.

This exciting development is a revolutionary measure for personal injury diagnosis and recovery. There are an estimated 80 million CT scans in the United States each year. With the FDA anticipating that the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator would lead to a 1/3 reduction in all radiation scans, victims of brain-related personal injuries now have a safer means of diagnosing head trauma. In collaboration with the Defense Department, the agencies pushed for a new-age diagnostic tool in order to effectively and efficiently evaluate soldiers in combat zones. Tara Rabin, the spokeswoman for the F.D.A, said “This is going to change the testing paradigm for suspected cases of concussion”. In 2013, there were 2.8 million emergency room visits for traumatic brain injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention roughly 50,000 of those victims died from their injuries. This amazing new diagnostic tool could have quickly determined the severity of the victim’s injuries and allowed medical professionals to act more immediately to treat brain injuries. The F.D.A announced with their approval statement that the brain trauma indicator was able to accurately predict intracranial lesions on a CT scan 97.5 percent of the time, more effective than any test before it.

At Premier Law Group, we are dedicated to providing the public with new and groundbreaking scientific developments that can contribute to the personal safety of our communities. If you or a loved one experience head trauma or brain injury, be it an auto-accident, athletic injury, or related circumstances, be sure to discuss the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator with your doctor as an effective and safe alternative to radiation-based scans.

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