Not at Fault Accidents: How to Hire the Best Lawyer

One of the most important issues that needs to be resolved after a multi-vehicle collision is liability for the crash. In Washington, the at-fault driver is responsible for the totality of the damages. Unfortunately, getting other motorists to admit/accept culpability can be challenging. If you were or your loved one was injured in an accident that was not your fault, you need the right lawyer on your side.

This raises an important question: How do you hire the best lawyer for your personal injury case? Our legal team wants to make sure that every person has the tools and information that they need to find the best car accident lawyer. Here, we highlight the most important things to look for in a personal injury attorney. 

Seven Qualities to Look for in a Top Accident Attorney

  • Find a Reputable Personal Injury Law Firm

A top personal injury law firm will have the experience and resources needed to protect your rights and get you the best results. If you were not at fault for an accident, you need a lawyer who you can rely on to comprehensively investigate the accident, gather the evidence needed to prove liability, and take action to protect your rights. 

You do not want to look for a law firm that will treat your case like just another number. Unfortunately, some firms take on a large number of claims with a goal of trying to settle them as quickly as possible. A reputable firm is one that will handle your case with the care, attention, and time that it deserves. 

  • The Best Lawyer has Relevant Experience

Experience matters. Fault-based accident claims are complex. You need an attorney who has experience with these cases. To start, it is best to look for a lawyer who dedicates the majority of their practice to handling accident and injury claims. Additionally, you should look for a personal injury attorney who has experience handling accidents similar to your own. 

As an example, if you were injured in a collision with a tractor trailer, you will want to hire a lawyer who has experience representing truck accident victims in Washington. Likewise, if you were involved in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, you should look for an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

  • Hire a Trial-Tested Accident Attorney

Following an accident, one of the first things people want to know is if their case will end up going to court. In most circumstances, the answer is “probably not”. That being said, there is always a chance. Although the large majority of accident claims are settled outside of litigation, there are exceptions. Your case may end up being one of them. A trial-tested accident lawyer will be able to protect your rights—no matter what happens with your case. 

  • You Need a Good Working Relationship—Communication is Crucial 

Personal injury claims are complicated. After a serious accident, it takes some time to build a strong case and recover full and fair financial compensation. You need to find an accident attorney who you feel comfortable working with throughout the entirety of the legal process. The best attorneys have excellent listening skills. Effective communication is a must. Make sure you look for a lawyer who will put in the time and energy to listen to your strong and understand your unique needs. 

A personal injury attorney who is not communicative or responsive will not be able to effectively represent your best interests. At Premier Law Group, our Washington accident lawyers keep our clients informed throughout every stage of the legal claims process. We understand the importance of open communication. With our legal team, you will never be in the dark about what is happening with your case.  

  • Nothing is More Important than Results 

The best accident attorneys often have a long record of awards and accolades. While professional recognition is certainly a great quality to look for in an attorney, it is not the most important trait. At the end of the day, nothing matters more than getting results. If you or your loved one suffered a serious injury in a crash, you need a lawyer who knows how to hold defendants and insurance companies accountable—so that you can recover the full financial compensation you need to pay your bills and support the people you care about.  

  • Top Attorneys Have a Record of Satisfied Clients

Perhaps the best way to know if you have found the right lawyer for your case is to look at what their clients say. Injured victims need an attorney who has a well-established reputation of putting their clients first. Serious accidents can impact every aspect of one’s life. The path to recovery can be long and challenging. You should hire an accident attorney who has represented many other victims—and who has a documented record of achieving results that have satisfied their clients. You do not have to take a legal professional’s word for it: An experienced personal injury attorney will have no trouble producing reviews and testimonials satisfied clients

  • Look for a Free Accident & Injury Consultation

Finally, the right personal injury lawyer may not be the same for every person. You need to find an accident attorney who you can work with. In some circumstances, building a winning injury claim can take a bit of time—meaning you should hire a lawyer who is the right personality fit for you and your family. We recommend setting up a free, no obligation initial case evaluation. During your free consultation, you will have an opportunity to ask a lawyer questions about your case and learn more about their style and their strategy. It is a chance to confirm that you are hiring the best attorney. 

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