One-Year-Old Backed Over by Car | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


It’s extremely important to check your mirrors before backing up your vehicle. But taking one extra step is a good idea as well. Yesterday afternoon, a man in Concrete, Washington ran over a 1-year-old boy with his Nissan Maxima. The 36-year-old was reportedly leaving a parking stall when he backed over the young boy. He was rushed to Harborview Medical Center in serious condition. The accident was listed as a result of “inattention”. The driver was not arrested or charged.

Every week, over 50 children are backed over by cars in the US. About 48 of them are brought to and treated in hospital emergency rooms. Of those 50, two die from their injuries. More than 60% of these incidents involve large vehicles such as SUVs and vans. In 70% of these incidents, a parent or other close relative is driving.

However, any vehicle and anyone is capable of backing over a child. All vehicles have a blind zone. That is why we highly encourage you to check thoroughly behind your vehicle before setting it in motion. Always back up slowly and always look in your mirrors. Additionally, parents and gardens should teach children to stay away from vehicles, as “parked” vehicles can move at anytime.

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