Pants-less Driver Already Had Two DUIs | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney


Troopers in Seattle found a disturbing sight when they pulled a man over for driving recklessly down I-5 this past Saturday. Jonathan Harty had his two young daughters in the backseat as he ran into cars, speeding down the freeway. His daughters’ desperate pleas from the backseat to stop speeding fell on deaf ears.

Harty didn’t stop his path of destruction until he crashed, and troopers approached his vehicle. When they came reached it and looked inside, they saw that he was not wearing anything below the waist. They discovered he was under the influence of drugs and supposedly didn’t even realize that he was, in fact, not dreaming.

Unfortunately this was not the first of Harty’s DUI citations. He had faced two previously. He was to have an interlock device installed in his vehicle up until a month ago according to records. Harty’s bail was initially set at $6,000 but a judge increased it to $150,000.

Washington State lawmakers are currently working to enact stricter drunk driving laws and penalties. They include restricting drivers from purchasing alcohol for a decade in addition to 364 days locked up if they are convicted of a third DUI.