Patrick J Kang Designated as a Top 10 Wage and Hour Trial Attorney for 2018

Premier Law Group (PLG) is honored to have Patrick Kang selected as proud to announce that Patrick Kang has been selected as a member of the Wage and Hour Trial Lawyers Association Top 10 for 2018. This acknowledgement recognizes his distinguished service to individuals and families in Washington State needing legal representation for wage and hour claims. To be chosen for this award, an attorney must initially be nominated by a peer and then fulfill the Association’s selection criteria. The Wage and Hour committee looks for lawyers with the exceptional qualifications of “leadership, reputation, influence, and performance in their area of specialty.”    

The Wage and Hour Trial Lawyers Association (WHTLA) – Top 10 is a Specialty Association of The National Trial Lawyers organization. Its purpose is to provide the public with accurate information regarding Wage and Hour law; to connect victims with the most qualified attorneys; and to provide resources, education, and expertise to lawyers build their cases, so they can offer their clients the best possible outcome.

At PLG, we are dedicated to helping clients seek justice and compensation with integrity, commitment, and compassion. WHTLA’s award confirms Patrick Kang’s dedication to these values in his work, and PLG is grateful for his contributions to the firm’s success. Since joining PLG in 2004, he has helped numerous clients in their Wage and Hour claims against their employers.

If you are concerned that your employer is not providing you compensation in accordance with the law, Premier Law Group is here to provide information and expert Wage and Hour law advice, so you can make an informed decision about next steps (whether we represent you or not). Please call for a FREE consultation with one of our attorneys at 206-285-1743.