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Medical malpractice has been making headlines recently as Seattle Children’s Hospital underwent fire for a string of medical errors that led to the severe brain damage and death of several children. Estimates for the death toll of medical error and medical malpractice are at an astounding 200,000 a year- most of these cases being a drug overdose, surgery on incorrect body parts or surgical tools being left in the body. Being a Seattle medical malpractice lawyer and Bellevue wrongful death attorney I have seen medical error take lives prematurely. What people fail to realize is that these drug overdoses and incorrect prescriptions also occur within pharmacies and can cause significant injuries or even death.

A pregnant Colorado woman is now awaiting the fate of her unborn child after she was given an abortion drug by mistake. Mareena Silva filled her prescription through the Safeway supermarket in Fort Lupton Colarado, but was given another persons prescription by mistake. The prescription she took, Methotrexate is a drug used for chemotherapy patients and as a plan B prescription to terminate a error

After taking the drug Silva became sick and was rushed to the hospital. It is unknown what effect the drug has had at this time, Doctors say Silva could miscarry her 6-week old fetus or the child could be born with birth defects.

While Safeway issued an apology and statement claiming that the policies they have in place to prevent these types of errors were not followed Silva will have to wait and see what becomes of her unborn child.

Giving the wrong prescription or an inappropriate dosage of medication can easily lead to severe injury or death. As a safety precaution, always check the prescriptions you are given read the pamphlet that accompanies the drug and make sure it is the correct drug.

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