Pregnant Teen Crashes Driving Drunk | Seattle Car Crash Lawyer

What one does before getting behind the wheel and what one does while they are driving are equally important. Substance abuse can affect a range of things, including perception and mood, and it does not take a Seattle personal injury attorney such as myself to know that drugs and alcohol can be extremely dangerous. It might mean an auto collision with a tree or wall, or even with a parked car with innocent lives inside.

On August 9th, 2011, Washington State Patrol trooper Chris Caiola was on patrol along I-5 near Lynwood with his K-9 partner, Buster. Caiola had parked his patrol car facing south at 196th Street Southwest when, at about 10:45 p.m., it was struck from the left by another car. WSP spokesman Keith Leary said the car hit him at full speed, such that rescue crews had to pull Caiola from a mangled wreck. The trooper was sent to Harborview Medical Center and is expected to be released soon. Buster was unharmed.

The driver of the car and her three passengers were also uninjured, but the driver was taken to Swedish Hospital to test her blood alcohol level.  According to the Snohomish County police, the 19-year-old, who is eight weeks pregnant, drank some alcohol with the passengers while she was driving. A Lynwood drug recognition officer has also said that she may be under the influence of depressants and marijuana. The use of both drugs and alcohol while driving indicates a high level of disregard not just for the driver’s own body but for that of her unborn child and anybody else she shares the road with. As a Bellevue wrongful death lawyer I hope she will learn her lesson to prevent future, and possibly, fatal Seattle car accidents.