We all know the rules of the road, and how important they are to the safety of everybody on the road. But the sad truth is that many people choose to ignore them and create a dangerous environment for not only everyone around them, but also themselves.

Such is the case of a driver who caused an accident on I-5 yesterday. He was headed south on the freeway near 375th Street in Federal Way, when he lost control of his Saab convertible, putting himself in front of a semi that hit and crushed his car. It was reported by Komo that the man was “driving erratically”, “crossing back and forth from one lane to another” before he found himself in front of the semi truck. The driver, in his 40s, suffered life-threatening injuries.

We’ve all been in a rush before. It’s easy to want to drive a little bit reckless in order to save some time. It’s important to remember, however, that that can easily spin out of control. Vehicles can be unpredictable, especially in wet and rainy weather. No matter how much control you think you have over your car, road conditions can prove otherwise. Even when they’re dry, save yourself some time in the long run and always be a courteous, alert and law-abiding driver.

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