9 Safe Routes to Ride a Bicycle in Washington

As a Washington state resident, you have likely felt the urge to sense the brisk air of the pacific northwest whip past your face as you glide around on your ten-speed. Bike routes abound in Washington, and bicycling plays a significant role in Washington’s transportation system. Currently, the League of American Bicyclists ranks Washington State highly in their Bike Friendly States report. 

Though biking is a popular state activity, it is also quite dangerous. In addition, some routes are more dangerous than others or are best suited to highly skilled cyclists. Sharing routes with others also has its dangers. Whether you’ve been doored, T-boned, rear-ended, or even thrown from your bike by a road not fit for ordinary travel, an experienced bicycle accident lawyer may be able to help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Safe Bicycling Routes in Washington State

Cycling is a wonderful way to take in the scenery, exercise, and spend time with loved ones. There are around 700 miles of US bicycle routes in Washington state. They are made up of bicycle lanes, a few off-road paths, and interstate long-distance riding routes that lead bikers along the shoulder of quiet roads and highways. 

It’s important to note that you should only use the route information you read for planning purposes. All types of travel include some level of danger, so you should always err on the side of safety and ride responsibly. Some of Washington’s safe bicycle routes include the following:

  • US Bicycle Route 10: From the Idaho border in Pend Oreille County to Anacortes, a distance of more than 400 miles, this route runs across northern Washington state along the SR 20 corridor.
  • US Bicycle Route 610: This alternative route to USBR 10 goes through Sedro-Woolley.
  • US Bicycle Route 87: This route connects to the Centennial Trail in Snohomish County after traveling from the Canadian border at Sumas south to Nooksack, Bellingham, and Sedro-Woolley.
  • US Bicycle Route 95: This route connects to the Centennial Trail in Snohomish County after traveling from the Canadian border at Blaine south through Bellingham, then southeast to Burlington and Mount Vernon.
  • US Bicycle Route 97: From the U.S.-Canada border at Blaine, this route travels south to Bellingham, then southwest to Anacortes, Oak Harbor, and the Keystone/Coupeville Ferry Landing.
  • US Bicycle Route 20: This route crosses the Columbia Plateau along US 12 from the Clarkston/Idaho state line to the Columbia County line close to the Lewis & Clark Trail State Park.
  • US Bicycle Route 40: This route is a small segment that travels from the town of Tekoa to the Idaho border.
  • US Bicycle Route 81: This route connects the town of Asotin with the northern border of Whitman County near Tekoa.
  • US Bicycle Route 281: This route travels from Pullman to the Washington/Idaho border by way of SR 27 and US 195 in the southeast.

The American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has officially designated these routes. The roughs were identified by the Washington State Department of Transportation, Cascade Bicycle Club-Washington Bikes, local agencies, regional planning organizations, and community organizations. 

As official routes, they may be your safest option for traveling by bicycle. Other routes and trails may have poorer maintenance or lack paving, making them more challenging to use and increasing the likelihood that a rider may get into a bicycle accident.

Protect Your Rights After a Bicycle Accident by Retaining the Services of a Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyer

No matter what route, trail, or path you use, there is no guarantee you will bike to your destination without getting involved in an accident. Even if bikers throughout the state ride safely every day, someone will always be present whose negligence may result in someone else being injured. For this reason, experienced legal counsel may be helpful after a bike accident.

At Premier Law Group, we are a professional legal team dedicated to helping accident victims assert their right to fair compensation. We have made a name for ourselves by being a professional and client-oriented firm committed to fighting for the best outcome so our clients can return to their lives. We provide the proper legal guidance, offer a free case evaluation for accident situations, and do not get paid unless we succeed. Call our office at (206) 880-7518 or use our contact form to contact us today.

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