While technological innovations are providing more and more ways for people to become distracted while driving, speeding has always, and continues to be, one of the most common causes for auto accidents. As a Bellevue personal injury attorney for over a decade, I have had countless clients that were injured because of someone else driving at unsafe speeds. Young drivers in particular are susceptible to driving high above the speed limit for a number of reasons, and as was seen in a Sammamish accident yesterday, the consequences can be very serious.

Thursday morning, three teenagers were injured in an accident at the intersection of SE 25th Way and Beaver Lake Way SE in Sammamish. According to officials, the three teenagers were all in one car that was speeding and lost control before crashing through a fence and hitting a tree. The injuries suffered by the teenagers are not believed to be life threatening, although one teenager was said to be in serious condition. According to police reports, alcohol is not believed to have been a factor in the crash, but the driver was going much higher than the posted 25 MPH speed limit.

While many drivers choose to ignore the speed limit, it exists on all streets and highways for a reason. Driving at excessive speeds can cause even the best drivers to lose control of their vehicle, and sometimes the results can be fatal. New drivers in particular tend to drive high above the speed limit, but hopefully news stories like these can serve as a reminder to all of us out there on the road of the potential danger involved
in driving at high speeds.

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